Kenapa Susu EBM Berkurang...?

Ingat tak lagi macam mana susu kita masa pantang?

As for me, I was not able to breastfeed Emran the wholetime on the first day sebab sakit caesar.The next day baru boleh. Alhamdulillah Emran did not have any problem latching to my nipple. Naturally, my milk production was ofcourse low. Teringat nurse cakap perut anak kita mula2 sebesar bijik guli. A few days after that besar bola ping pong. So I was not that worried if Emran cukup susu ke tak. 

A few days at home after getting back from the hospital, I tried pumping and was horrified to find out i got only a few drops of milk. Sedih sangat sbb ingat anak kita tak cukup susu. Masa tu tak aware yang our baby is actually drinking more that we can pump. Lepas tu, terus minum air suam banyak2, minum horlicks, minum susu. I also tuam around my breast so that it can stimulate the production. Few days after that baru la susu melimpah ruah. Siap memancut-mancut. Dah pulak satu hal kena tadah and kena selalu tukar breast pads. Hehe. Apa-apa pun bersyukur. After a few months, breastmilk dah stabilize according to your baby's demand. Thats when you start to experience highs and lows of breastfeeding, kalau bermalas-malas.....

Below are the common causes why EBM is decreasing: 
  • dont drink enough fluid
  • tak pump regularly
  • stress
  • lack of nutrition
  • you could be pregnant...
As for lack of nutrition, that is why I'm here to help you. Call/SMS/ Whatsapp 019 264 7332 for free consultation on how to increase your EBM.


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