As this my first post for this blog, I guess I should talk about how I got myself involved in these supplements. 

But before that, a bit about me. My name is Sh. Farina. Born on the day Elvis Presley died. Married to an amazing husband and we have a beautiful son, Syed Ali Emran. I received my degree from UM and my MBA from UiTM. Presently, working for a GLC company in Shah Alam. 

The title for this blog really reflects on what I have been for the past few months since I was introduced to Shaklee. Before that, I do not believe that much in vitamins. Masa zaman gadis remaja belom abis sekolah, my mom penah suruh makan EPO, multivitamin but hot-hot chicken shit la sbb I didnt quite understand kenapa kena makan. Yes, I know untuk sihat but masa muda we were much healthier......oh well, mmg awareness tahap zero. 

After I got married, my focus we more on external treatments, topical skin care, lotions etc. I should have focused on nutritions that can help me conceive faster. What ever it is, rezeki dari Allah, kita cuma boleh merancang. Our son arrives almost after 3 years of our marriage. After that, life is different for me.

At this point of writing, Emran is 10 months and I am still fully breastfeeding him. This also means 10 months of not sleeping throughout the night!! Hehe.... Sometimes the fatigue really bugs me. Pegi keje letih, balik keje also afftected my milk production. Emran at times bangun almost every hour....

That's when I took the plunge and use Shaklee products. First, with its breastfeeding supplements and then skin care. My EBM is more nutritious and filing and Emran sleeps through the night. As for my skin, I think those who know me can say that my skin has improved. Mmg best giler lah. So that's when people started asking and I started promoting. So I joined Shaklee :)

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