Berapa cepat nampak kesan supplement breastfeeding?

The most common question is...

"Kak....berapa lama saya boleh nampak kesan / peningkatan susu badan lepas ambik vitamin ni?"

Like I mentioned in the previous post, supplement ni bukan lah milk booster. Tapi it is makanan tambahan and it has so many other nutritional benefits to our body.

So the result is different for every person. Ada yg dalam 2-3 hari dah start increase. Ada yg seminggu dua. Ada yg sebulan. The truth is that you have to work hard. Minum air, pump, makan supplement and doa.

You may not notice it in terms of quantity. Do you notice any changes in colour of the EBM? (Warna sepatutnya kekuningan di sebabkan oleh B-Complex - vitamin larut air). What about your energy level?
Please dont be sad if your EBM production is still low. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding this matter and I'll share what I know and help you the best I can.
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